EPAX X1K 6" Mono Screen UV LCD 3D Printer, Latest Parallel Light and 6" 2K mono screen installed
EPAX X1K 6" Mono Screen UV LCD 3D Printer, Latest Parallel Light and 6" 2K mono screen installed
EPAX X1K 6" Mono Screen UV LCD 3D Printer, Latest Parallel Light and 6" 2K mono screen installed

EPAX X1K 6" Mono Screen UV LCD 3D Printer, Latest Parallel Light and 6" 2K mono screen installed

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    • Parallel Matrix UV light source -- This is the most advanced light source, providing more print detail for dental and jewelry applications where finer details are beneficial as well as a more even distribution of the light across the entire build area.
    • Light source closer to LCD screen - requiring less energy for printing and extending the life of your LCD screen.  
    • 3.5-inch Color TFT Touchscreen.
    • 2K MONO (6 inch) LCD masking screen. 1620*2560 (2k) HD masking LCD allows for great print detail and much faster printing speed.  It typically only needs 2 seconds for normal exposure time, compared to color screen which needs 8 seconds.
    • The mono screen uses SX04 interface to mainboard. It can last several thousands hours of normal use.  
    • Improved Z-axis stability. 
    • Pre-installed nFEP film to allow easier detachment during printing (you can still use standard FEP films with this printer if you prefer).
    • Sanded build platform surface made of soft aluminum for better adhesion and easier print removal.
    • Anti-Aliasing supported and enabled in installed firmware.
    • Wide selection of supported resins - you can use any 405nm wavelength 3D printing resins.
    • 128mm (L) *81mm (W) *155mm (H) build volume.
    • Built on our successful X1 frame, with a slightly larger mid plate in order to fit 6" screen.
    • Orange Window with External Ethernet port installed.


Each printer purchase includes:

  • 1x spare Non-FEP film, 0.125mm thick 
  • 1x USB stick loaded with manual PDF file, a sample print file and a ChiTuBox config file
  • 1x power adapter
  • 1x plastic scraper tool
  • 1x metal scraper tool
  • 1x allen wrench
  • 2x resin filters



- 6" 2K Mono Screen - The screen gives 128mm x 81mm on XY printing area.  Mono screen lasts much longer than color screen and only needs 2 seconds on normal exposure time, as compared to color screen which needs about 8 seconds normal exposure time.

- Parallel Matrix UV Light Source - This UV light provides more accuracy and allows for the capturing of finer details, as well as extends the life of your LCD masking screen.

- No Z-Wobble - This printer has an upgraded Z-axis carriage rail. It uses a double steel rod reinforced carriage and steel bearings. No calibration is required.

- Non-FEP Film for Resin Vat - Our nFEP film has a lower release force than standard FEP films, decreasing your likelihood of print failures caused by layers not releasing from the film. 

- Ultra-Precise Fixed Build Platform - EPAX uses a stable 4-point mount. Your build plate is leveled at the factory and very rarely requires re-leveling. 

- Better Chassis Design - Our printers have all-steel chassis with minimal windows for durability and minimal UV light contamination.

- Precise Z Homing - All printers are individually calibrated and leveled at the factory so you can begin printing out of the box.

- Better Door Hinge Design - The top door hinge allows you to position your printer against walls.

Model Name:  X1K.  X1 means it uses X1 frame.  K is from CMYK and means mono(black/white).  This is the first mono screen equipped X1 printer.   The difference between this model and our latest X1-N-DJ model is that this model uses a slightly bigger mid plate in order to install 6" mono screen.  Other components are pretty much same.

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